Last Weekend of Freedom (for now)

Last Weekend of Freedom (for now)

It’s Saturday morning, which marks the start of the last weekend of freedom for me. I’ve got Mr. Ryan Adams playing on the stereo (his 29 album), and my little ones are doing their own things. I’m currently not “allowed” in their rooms because they’re “busy.”

I believe the exact words they used were, “Go away! We’re busy!”


So I’m left sitting here, sifting through the pictures I took this last week in Nashville. One photo jumps out at me, not because it’s brilliant or anything, but because it’s one of the first panorama shots I’ve taken with the DerManDar app. This picture was taken at Oceanway Studios:


I just noticed that there’s a kind of fisheye lens effect going on in the middle of the picture… not sure if I dig it yet, but it’ll do for now.

Panoramic pictures have always been difficult for me to stitch together, so this DerManDar app is a Godsend for me. It looks like the picture quality was sacrificed a bit, though. Hmmmm… perhaps I should just get some patience and learn how to stitch together these panoramics.

Patience is so elusive.

I’m going to make a promise to myself here that I’ll still find the time to take pictures once school starts. I don’t know who will hold me accountable.

Maybe Kasey, Jr. as depicted in the drawing above by my boy? He’s a good artist… I especially dig the, “Wooo Woooo” part. It really ties the room together.

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