The First Division Infantry Museum at Cantigny

The First Division Infantry Museum at Cantigny

So I’m going through some pictures I took on a trip to Chicago I took with my family in August… I open the folder with the shots I took at the First Division Army Museum at Cantigny, located in Wheaton, IL. This museum is gorgeous and is a must-see if you’re ever in Chicago. Their website states, “We serve to preserve, interpret and present the history of the 1st Infantry Division in the context of American military history.” The museum grounds are huge and houses the Tank Park, which holds a complete collection of tanks dating back from WWI to Desert Storm and Desert Shield. It’s truly an incredible experience to touch, climb, and read about these tanks.

I took some tank pics and posted this on Instagram (using Camera+ and PicFrame apps):

As we strolled the grounds, we came upon one of those fountain areas where kids can run and jump in the water. Jason and Alexis were mystified by the place and wanted to hop right in. The problem was that it was a pretty chilly day… not conducive to getting completely soaked in the only set of clothes available. I unfortunately had to tell them they couldn’t go. Here’s a picture of Alexis moments after I broke the news… her body language says it all…


It’s moments like these when I don’t care what setting my camera is at, I just lift it up and shoot and hope for the best because in a flash, the moment’s gone.

So anyhow, I’m going through these pictures and come across one that made me laugh. It’s another “lift up and shoot, pray for the best” moment. For some reason, my kids have developed a penchant for giving each other wedgies, and Jason picked a prime spot to do it. In this picture, there doesn’t seem to be many people in the museum, but directly behind me stood about 50 people… 50 witnesses, I should say…


I don’t know what Alexis is laughing about… to my recollection, wedgies SUCK.

I’d love to go back someday, as I didn’t take quite as many pictures as I had hoped to. I guess my mentality was that I’d just buy a book with photographs of the museum, but I never bought that book.

All I got was a rock.

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