Time to Expand…

Time to Expand…

It’s been a busy past few weeks for me. Classes are going well… I can’t say that I’m exactly back into the swing of things, but I’m getting there. Bit by bit, you know?

I’m still taking pictures daily. It’s become therapeutic for me. I guess working on the photos is my “me” time. I’m enjoying the process, and I’m looking at my pictures differently. The Noir app (my current favorite) is inspiring me to go back to my old pictures for another once-through.

Last week, I walked around my kids’ Chinese school and snapped away. One picture made it all worthwhile:


All I did was run this shot through the Noir app, center the light, and KA-BLAMMO!

Another picture that turned out well was one that I snapped on the drive home from school. The sun was setting right in front of me, and I just held up my iPhone and snapped away without really knowing what I was getting. As you probably know, I love black and white, and I LOVE grain.

I totally dig. Hope you do too.

I’m going to start experimenting with close up shots of people. I’m not sure how I’ll do, but I figure I had better get used to it. All of my shots of people are usually from so far away. I tend to want to get the background so that there’s a context to the shot, but after looking at some amazing pictures on Instagram, I realize that I need to expand my horizons.


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